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How to Use

Safety Information

  • In order to prevent a fire or serious injury, please burn candle within sight, otherwise extinguish without water
  • Before lighting your candle, place it on a leveled surface and keep it away from other combustible items
  • Do not burn candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. After each interval trim the excess build up off of the candlewick. Ensure the wick is approx. 1/4", before relighting
    • Note that rubbing alcohol can remove excess soot that builds on the wick if you exceed this suggested time. You are advised not to, because it can diminish the hot throw from your candle. If necessary, take a cotton swab. Dip one head of the swab into rubbing alcohol and gently clean the wick by rubbing it. The wick is delicate at this stage so be careful not to break it off.
  • Keep wick trimmings and other debris out of the wax pool, when heated or cooled
  • Put candle out of reach of all children and animals

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